Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Creative Space

All last year, every Thursday in fact, I would watch as post after post in my reader would pop up saying "My Creative Space".  And every Thursday I would want to join in but didn't.  How silly is that!!!  My excuse to myself always was "I don't have a creative space yet".  I can't really use that excuse any more because I do have a creative space now.  So one must jump in feet first don't you think.

At the moment I'm giving the sewing machines a rest.  My Creative Space currently revolves around this:

I scored this cute little dolls high chair from a swap meet a couple of weekends ago for $3.  Granted it was a horrible green/black colour but I'm slowly turning it white.  The top picture shows the way it sort of folds in half to become a table and chair.  It works in theory but not quite in practise, who ever cut the legs in half didn't do a particularly good job so they are all uneven and it wobbles terribly and the high chair tray is too long so it pushes the chair up when its been flipped over to the back.  So I'm going to restore it to its intended purpose as just a high chair.  And although its only half painted in these pictures, the whole chair is now white and its been broken down into its various parts ready to be carefully put back together.

Its a slow process though... the chair keeps disappearing.  Fortunately I don't have to look too far for it, Chloe will be off somewhere feeding her dolls.  They don't seem to be in the least bit concerned about the colour or state of disrepair.

Do pop along and join in My Creative Space, don't be a silly sausage like me and put it off... and off... and off!!!


Ruby Star said...

aww good for you on finally joining in :) that's a cute little high chair and it will look even cuter when you're done. x

Sally said...

I am SO SUPER PLEASED that you're playing along. Fantastic. Great chair too - what a score? what a bargain? YAY!