Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whatever you do... don't anger the zipper gods!!!!

Do you have an item of clothing that you love more that any other item of clothing you possess?

(Yeah I know, this doesn't seem to have a lot to do with the title of this post, but bear with me, we're getting there, I'm just taking the scenic route!!)

Maybe you have a pair of trackie pants that have lived through and comforted you through every major aspect of your life.  Or maybe its a jumper that you swear you are going to be buried in.  For me, at around the age of 16, it was a dress that I had made myself.  It was nothing particularly special, cheap green cotton and princess seams reaching down to the ankles.  It wasn't made particularly well being one of my first sewing experiences but I absolutely adored that dress.  But it wasnt just the dress that I adored, it was the way I felt when I was wearing it.  Princess seams look particularly good on me (if I do say so myself).  Being of the hourglass persuasion the nipped in waist makes the waist look even smaller and it also does a pretty good job of disguising the bigger hips, thighs and bum as well.  In short, it made me feel like a princess whenever I wore it.

I was thinking about that dress, wondering just what happened to it and decided that I really needed another one.  And after asking Mr Ebay in just the right words I found not one, but two patterns which are almost exactly like my beloved dress, one with a very full skirt and the other not so full in the skirt.  And to top it off I also found a princess seam pinafore for winter!!

(Yes I know what you are thinking... what on earth has this got to do with the zipper gods.)

Just before Christmas, the lovely Eternal Creation was selling some of their overstocked fabrics and one in particular I grabbed with the purpose of making the fuller skirt dress.  But before I could contemplate cutting into my beloved Eternal Creation fabric, I thought I would do a test run with something else just in case.  The only fabric that I had with enough yardage was a very bright peachy coloured quilters cotton that I picked up a Spotlight for about $4 a metre.  Figuring that it must have been fate for fabric and pattern to be together, I went to work cutting the other not-quite-so-full dress.

The dress went together like a dream, I kept trying it on with pins in various places because I was just loving it so much.  And then, I angered the zipper gods!!

(And finally we get to the point LOL!!)

I happened to make mention on my facebook status that I needed a zipper, in fact here is the conversation:

And this is what angered the zipper gods.  I mocked them, said that zippers were easy and as a result they punished me!!! 

I decided I was going to use a Birch Invisible Zipper Foot which I picked up a while ago because it looked pretty nifty.  Firstly it took ages for me to actually work out how it went on let alone actually sew with it, the instructions which come with it are impossible.  And then when it did come time to sew with it I broke no less than 3 needles in 15cm of sewing which must be some sort of record for a 56cm zip.  And so after much praying to the zipper gods, putting on the regular zipper foot and doing it the old fashioned way the zip was in place.

So what have I learnt from this:

1. The zipper gods insist on perpetuating the myth that zips are insanely difficult to place.

2. Zips are never, ever easy.  Even if you find them easy, never admit to it.  Admitting to it will anger the zipper gods (see point 1).

3.This is why everyone says zips are difficult... because they've already had their run-in with the zipper gods and have learnt their lesson.  I have now learnt mine.  Zipper are notoriously difficult to install!  Keep that myth going... it'll keep the zipper gods happy and all your zipper experiences should be happy ones.

Now that my zip is in I've just got facings and hems to complete.  Have I gushed yet about how much I love this I'll save it for another post because there is lots of gushing to come, I absolutely ADORE this dress already!!


Liz said...

lol zipper gods! I shall refrain from ever saying they are easy :) I can't wait to see your dress.

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I'd never insult the zipper god again