Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's get ready to rumble!!

In the LEFT corner, I give you... FAN

And also in the left corner, I give you... OVERLOCKER

Both are vying for the coveted position of ... POWER SUPPLY!!!!


Actually it was no competition really, the overlocker didn't even put up a fight.  It was so hot and muggy in the sewing room last night I only contemplated pulling the fan out of the socket for all of about 5 seconds before deciding that the fan wasn't going anywhere.  I did however need to finish the edges of my facings before sewing them in and rather than going for a regular overedge stitch I decided to go for something a little more fancy...

You know, its almost a shame to put them inside the dress where no one will see them, they really are quite cute.  And I think half the attraction was sitting in front of the fan cutting out those tiny little triangles, at least I looked industrious sitting there keeping cool.

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