Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cherub Collection Pics

Its been all go here!!

Sorry I've been out of touch in blog land for such a long time - what with various technical difficulties, holidays and visiting rellies its been almost impossible to get near a computer.

At the end of September my wonderful sister-in-law and her husband arrived from the UK. Its always so lovely to have them stay with us and despite the fact that they were in Australia for 3 weeks it seemed to be over much, much to fast.

While they were here we decided to incorporate a family holiday into their holiday which saw all 7 of us head up to Darwin where we stayed with Mum for 10 days. Given that our rellies hadn't been to Darwin before, we did the whole tourist shebang!!! This included (but was not limited to) the Jumping Crocodile cruise, Crocosaurus Cove, Beatrice Hill, Fogg Dam, city centre, museum, wharf etc etc. Paul even took them to Katherine for the day (the kids and I stayed at home in the pool on this day, the 3 hour drive wasnt appealing). We managed to cram something in to every day we were there. Needless to say, by the time we got back we needed a holiday to get over the holiday LOL.

Of course with the end of the school holidays that wasnt to be. It was very quickly back into the old routine.

Just before we left for Darwin I was madly sewing up a few bits and pieces for Chloe. You've already seen the first part of the outfit here, its the little Button Top from Ottobre. But before we left I wanted to make a few other pieces to make a complete set... so I also made the Tie-Back tunic/dress and the Ruffle Back pants from that same issue. I did get started on the Daisy pants as well but in the end just ran out of time before we left (as it turns out it was probably too warm up in Darwin for her to wear those anyway).

So what I've ended up with is a gorgeous mix and match set. The little pants are perfect as a nappy cover under the dress or teamed with the top are just right for those super hot Perth days. The longer pants are going to be great for evenings out when something just a tiny bit longer is needed.

The tunic/dress is a bit longer than the one in the magazine. I added the appropriate hem lengths when cutting but when the time came to do the actual hem I decided to go with a rolled hem instead. The poplin is quite thin and if I had have done a proper hem it would have ended up with a noticable white band around the bottom which was not something I wanted. (All right, all right I admit it... the rolled hem was sheer laziness and it was only after I did it that I thought about the whole white band around the bottom thing.) The rolled hem suits the dress perfectly and the length is just right as well.

And did I mention how easily these all came together. I was thrilled!!! While the ties on the back of the dress look somewhat complicated, they are actually quite easy and the ruffle pants absolutely flew together. I even did my first waist band the "Otto way" and I was really happy with the results.

I'm still yet to finish the pants. Post holiday clean ups and a big 7 year old birthday party have meant sewing time (like computer time) has been non-existant. But from what I've accomplished so far it looks like these pants are going to be just as cute and just as easy as the rest of the outfit pieces.

Pics are on the way...