Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Safari anyone???

Yesterday I said that I was going to make finishing a couple of items I found a priority. Well last night I finished one of them. Its a shirt that I was making for Samuel but it looks like Alex might end up scoring this one too. Oops, probably not a good idea to finish things for the kids after they've outgrown them.

I probably started this about 18 months ago (yes truly it was that long ago). Its quite interesting to see how far I've progressed. I've noticed things, mostly with the overlocking, that I'm not quite happy with. Some very small areas on the inside havent been finished quite right but hey they are on the inside and its great to see that I'm get much fussier as I get better. I still love how it turned out though, it looks awesome. I love the epaulettes on the shoulders.

So without further ado...

Boys shirt: Ottobre 2/2005 Pattern 25
Fabric: Spotlight

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Hi! My name is Sahra said...

Great shirt! I have been wanting to give that pattern a go but too scared of a collar!