Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A good tidy can be bad for your ego...

I was giving my fabric tubs a clean up today, pulling fabric out, seeing what I had, what I needed etc etc. Low and behold I found two things that that are as yet unfinished - a gorgeous little boys shirt which needs a hem and an equally gorgeous pair of boys overalls minus cuffs and buttons. So I think I've identified my problem - HEMS. I really, really, really hate doing hems - HATE IT I tell you!!!! And I think I can blame my mother for this. Mum always used to insist that hems be done by hand and I hate sewing by hand (unless I'm embroidering) hence my passionate dislike for hemming. And even now that I simply whizz the bottom of a garment through the sewing machine my dislike for hemming continues.

This week however I am going to finish these two projects. Also I've finished washing up Alex's pants which I finished on the weekend so as soon as they are dry I'll be able to blog those too, so watch this space for chocolate frogs (mmmmm yummy!!!).

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