Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chocolate Frogs

In the world of frogs, one frogs stands out in a league of his own... the chocolate frog. Freddo truly is the king of the frog world and boy is he yummy (especially the strawberry ones, my favourite).

When I saw this fabric at Spotlight I initially thought about making shorts for both boys but the idea didnt really grab hold and I set it aside for a while. Recently I pulled out my winter fabric stash and found a long forgotten piece of chocolate cord and inspiration hit me because frogs really do look better with chocolate.

There is also plenty of the cord to make another pair of pants so I'm going to do the opposite effect, chocolate pants with the frog trims for Samuel.

Alex isnt particularly impressed by the pants at this stage but just wait til he sees the jacket that I'm dreaming up to go with them...

Pants Pattern: Ottobre 3/2005 Pattern 15
Materials: SpotlightThe back yoke isnt really this crooked, its just from where they were hanging on the line .

I've not done a waist band like this one before. Usually I just make the casing then thread the elastic through once its on. This one the elastic is attached to the casing then the casing is attached. It was fiddly and to be honest seemed like more work than the way I usually do it.

One silly thing I did (there is always something), I made the pant measurements in 104 but the length in 98 . But I should have moved the patch and knee pocket to reflect the 98 length but I left it at the 104 measurement hence the patch is a lot lower than it should be. Doh!!!!

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Hi! My name is Sahra said...

OMG They are just Awesome! I love that frog print. Mmmm strawberry freddos, I cant get them anywhere here anymore.