Sunday, March 29, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Before I go into how virtuous I've been this weekend with sewing I feel very strongly that I should explain why I've been so incredibly tardy in updating this blog. Yes so far there has been just one measly post on a blog that was supposed to be fuelling my desire to sew more.

You see, I've had a "job", a sewing "job". Unlike regular sewing, a sewing "job" is not exciting and its definitely not something that you want to do. But its there... its always there. And everytime you look at the sewing machine, the guilt from not having completed the "job" is overwhelming.

What was the job you ask??? Chair covers. Paul wanted some chair covers to keep our lounge chairs from getting too stained from the kids. And in the end I got the "job" done but it was fiddly, long and I'm really disappointed with how they turned out. They do however do the job they were intended for so at the end of the day I guess they were a success.

Since the job has been completed I once again feel that I can sit in front of the sewing machine without feeling guilty. I've also set up a little corner in the front room with both the sewing machine and overlocker out and plugged in so whenever I want 10 minutes of sewing time I can just sit down without having to worry about getting everything out and then packing it all away again.

So on to my productive weekend.

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