Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spotlight was disappointing... (but check out the cute tute)

but its all we have to work with so we soldier on regardless.

Now of my four items I got a grand total of none. Yep, huge effort on my part. But that does not mean we left empty handed because I'm pretty sure that there is some sort of sewing law which states "thou shalt walk through the valley of pretty fabrics and thou shalt beholden fabrics. And she that beholden fabrics shall never be left wanting but for gold and will never leave the valley with empty hands"... or something to that effect anyway.

So yellow fleece, the only yellow fleece they had was baby poo colour, so not what I was wanting. I need bright yellow. The bright yellow they had was in polar fleece but I dont want polar fleece. To be honest I would love to get my hands on some bright yellow Malden Mills. Shall have to scout around some nappy stores.

Curtain stuff, well I'm decided to recycle the curtain bits and pieces already there. As Bob would say, reduce, reuse, recycle. Go Bob!!!!

Girly stuff for new found patterns. Once again, specifics already in mind. Hat, dress, jacket and I've got a fabric already here which I love and want to use for this but it needs a co-ordinating fabric and I was thinking a burgandy velvet or velour or something and guess who didnt take a swatch of the fabric I already have.

Lastly buckles, well I didnt expect to get anything even remotely resembling what I want so not in the least bit disappointed about this one.

I did get some blue mottled cord (I have this thing about cord, love the stuff!!!) and some bracelets for this extremely cute (and easy!!!) little purse/bag (Zofia of Crafty Mamas found this one so I'm passing it on too). Chloe loves putting things in bags so we got 6 bracelets for 3 bags which she can fill up to her hearts content.


Clarinda said...

I love that little girl purse/bag!! it looks very easy ( for a hack like me!) Just the pattern I was after to make a birthday pressie!

Jodie said...

Thanks for becoming a twitter follower! I also have a love hate relationship with spotlight! Love their bargin table though.