Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Competition time!!!!

Have you seen "Make it Perfect"? If not, here's your chance to A. check out some fabulous patterns and B. possibly win one of those fabulous patterns.

I like them because they are fresh and funky without being fiddly. I find some pattern seem to be a bit over done. "Make it Perfect" aren't like that. Sensible, dependable with an added dash of funk. I like it!!!!

Now you can win the Uptown Girl Pattern as part of a giveaway.

Now if only it came in Mummy size... speaking of which, I'm getting a Summer Fling.

Good luck, have fun and dont blame me for credit card abuse LOL.

Oops... have ended up buying Uptown Girl anyway LOL so I now know for sure I have one on the way. Knowing my luck I'll end up winning this one too. Wouldnt that just be typical.

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