Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OPERATION: Pimp my Windows - Intro

I love my house. I love everything about my house except one or two minor elements which I'm slowly correcting. One such element is the curtains in our bedroom.

Now when I think master bedroom I think elegance, sophistication, decadence. But in keeping with the style of the house (which is a federation style) I've opted to go for a slightly medieval style. But at the moment the curtains are letting down the whole effect. Thus begins Pimp my Windows.

The bed linen is Dorchester from Australian Heritage Linen. As soon as I saw it, I knew that was what I was looking for. It reminded me of the bedroom we stayed in at Clearwell Castle where my SIL was married in 2006.

So stunning bed linen - check, obviously the curtains are the next thing to tackle. Only problem is trying to get material to match. At first I was thinking of getting another sheet set and using the material but given that they are a little on the pricey side I left it for a while.

Then in December 2007 (well I did say it was a project with a long history) Spotlight were doing there regular Xmas markdowns. I had the most incredible luck getting a curtain set in a very, very similar navy jacquard. I was stoked!!!! However, there was only one set and they were for very narrow windows. In order to make these fit the windows, the one set of curtains would have to be sewn together which of course means I only had enough for one window. DAMN (but oh so typical)!!!!! I bought the curtains anyway, just in case.

Next I turn to my good pal Ebay and I wasnt disappointed but once again it was simply a matter of patience. Around December 2008 another set of these exact same curtains went up for auction. So it took another 12 months, but finally I had two pair of matching curtains.

What with one thing or another its now May 2009 and I still dont have the curtains up hence I've decided to make Pimp my Windows my main project for this month.

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