Thursday, January 14, 2010

When is a quilt cover not a quilt cover...?

When its a cute little Button Top and Ruffle Pants of course.

When I first saw this quilt cover on Ezibuy, I knew I absolutely had to have it and I knew immediately that it would not be used as intended ie as a quilt cover.  The great thing about the Ezibuy quilt covers is you get a lovely top print, you get a lovely coordinating back print (and you get a lot of both), the quality is really good and you can often get them at around 40% off if you wait for them to go on sale... and thats what I did.

So I had my super cute material, I needed a fun pattern to go with it and I decided to do the Button Top and Ruffled Pants from Ottobre 3/2008 again.  The pattern really suits this material dont you think.  All the ruffles have such a fun look to them and the two materials compliment each other perfectly, as you would expect.

So next time you are looking for some coordinating fabric for that next project, try a quilt cover.  In fact just as soon as this one goes on sale I think I might have to get it... for me this time.

(Pics are coming... just waiting for the camera battery to recharge *sigh*, why do these things always run out when you are in the middle of something).

And here we go... you'll have to forgive us for its rather crumpled state, Madam had quite literally just woken up from her nap, yes pigtails and all.

Just on a side note, I couldnt even use the pattern pieces I had already cut out from my first set.  My dear daughter decided to grow 5cm between October and December meaning she needed the 98cm rather than the 92cm.  What a ratbag!!!!


Gilly said...

Oh thats so cute! Well done :)

Clarinda said...

what a great idea!

The set is adorable

Mandy said...

A very cute little outfit :)
and a fab idea to use a quilt cover. Will remember that one. :)

Tan said...

Awesome idea for fabric!!! YOur DD and the set both look gorgeous!

cherri said...

Wow your daughter grew a lot! That outfit is gorgeous - love the detail with the buttons - your use of the fabric has resulted in a very stylish outfit.

P.S.) I love the Japanese books you have - I look forward to seeing some outfits you have made for you from them - I have little girl ones but never thought to buy any books for myself!

Sally said...

Super cute & a brilliant idea... I guess you get those when you're a certified fabric addict :)