Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Customer Service Announcement

I've set my commenting to Anonymous because I like to feel that it allows more people to particpate.  But please be aware that if you post any sort of "advertising" in your comment I will immediately delete your comment.  That specifically means you Ms videosof (or whatever the hell it was) but includes anyone who thinks they can use my blog as their dumping ground.  If you have a blog that you want to link to then sign in and leave your message, I love to visit other blogs and chances are really high that I'll become one of your followers. 


LittleWhiteDove said...

I'll sneak out of the woodwork... Hi, I'm LittleWhiteDove, found your blog through EB, and tend to read through bloglines, and may or may not be just a wee bit lazy when it comes to clicking through and commenting! But I do enjoy reading your blog - your sewing makes me want to try my hand at more clothes!

Carla said...

Ahhhh thanks LWD. I dont mind it if people enjoy from the sidelines so to speak. I like the idea of making life as easy as possible for everyone if they chose to leave a comment.