Friday, June 26, 2009

Its O+S but unlike any we've seen before Cap't

I would like to introduce you to the Mock Wrap Swing Top and Pants set formerly known as the O+S Bedtime Story PJs (with cameo appearance by Uptown Girl Jacket).

After I made my first set of O+S pjs (which I still havent blogged, but I promise it is coming) the pants reminded me of a really comfy yoga type lounge pant, in fact the whole thing did. So I worked on the idea that by sewing up both seams you could make a nice tracksuit. Now this works well in theory... it doesnt work quite so well in practise.

First thing I should have thought of. My first pair of O+S were made up in knit which is of course nice and stretchy, this velveteen isnt strechy. Also the ties help to give the pjs a bit more room. Suffice to say, once I'd done the side seams nothing short of removing body parts was going to get Miss C into that top. Back to the drawing board.

Once at the drawing board I decided to put a panel in the back. This actually gives the top a really nice swing look and gives the extra room needed to get a head, arms and torso all in all at the same time which is quite an important feature of any shirt I'm sure you would agree.

So there we have it Swing Top tracksuit from O+S... I bet they didn't even know it existed.

Doesnt she look sweet... its all a charade I tell you!!!

Thats it people, shoots over, I'm going back to my trailer!!!!!

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Sally said...

I just adore your writing style... I had an outloud chuckle reading about your pattern variations - been there done that. In fact last night I spent most of the evening unpicking my 'great ideas' :)
Awesome outfit. Beautiful daughter.
Looking forward to seeing your next great design.