Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stubborn is my middle name

I bet you're thinking "gee does this woman actually do any sewing or does she simply talk about it a lot?" Believe me, you are quite justified in thinking that. The sad fact of the matter is, I do talk the talk more than I sew the sew (or something like that). Take for example my recent "challenge". For some reason once it was "out there", I just couldnt do it. Its like I have this internal resistance device and it triggers once I have to do something. I can do just about anything on a whim or a fancy but once I have to do something the internal resistance device takes over and says nup, I'm not doing it because I have to do it. So I've come to the rather rapid conclusion the challenges are probably counter-productive for me and I'm best left to whim and fancy.

Thats not to say that I haven't done anything lately. I've actually tackled a few things. Firstly, I finished off a scarf that I started for Samuel last year. I'm not the greatest knitter in the world, not by a huge way, but slow and steady finally won the race. I love the result so much that I decided to make one for myself and guess what... start to finish 48 hours!!!! Awesome!!!!! This one was a little bit tricky as well (probably not for seasoned professionals obviously, but 'twas for me) because I put in a small gap to allow one end of the scarf through. I absolutely love it!!!!

Next thing that I tackled was the Oliver + S Pyjamas. I'm going to do a separate write up for these as I've got to get to Spotlight in order to get more white cotton to finish the hems but suffice to say I think they've come up a treat.

And last but by no means least, I've started cutting out the Make It Perfect Uptown Girl Jacket. I've decided (last minute as always) that red ric rac is definitely called for and so a quick stop by Ribbons Galore fixed that up, ric rac now in transit. Gotta love the internet for (almost) instant gratification.

I also found some absolutely gorgeous fabric at Spotlight which will soon become Uptown Girl Jacket #2. I'm thinking that this time rather than using the pellon, I'll use Procare lining to make a waterproof type raincoat. Still tossing up this idea but just for sneaky peaks here it is (and it was such a bargain - $5/metre)....

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Jennifer said...

ohh.. love the fabrics. The O+S Pj's look great. Where did you find nice fabric at Spotlight? I am going to have to come on a shopping trip with you :-)