Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Creative Space - Up close and personal...

I've missed a few Creative Spaces lately, simply because the start of a new school year is pretty hectic at the best of times.  Throw in two children starting new phases of their lives - namely Alex attending his first year of pre-primary at the private school Samuel attends and Chloe attending her first year of kindy at a local state school.  So I travel between two school, Chloe's pickup and drop off times normally work brilliantly with the other school except for those first couple of weeks when we deal with the dreaded half days.  Alex has done two weeks of half days, Chloe one so on the two days Chloe goes to school I drop everyone off in the morning, I might go and do the shopping or run errands (or like I did on Wednesday go and spend some glorious kid-free time at Spotlight, what a treat!!!), pick Alex up at 12, pick Chloe up at 1.30, then finally pick Samuel up after 3ish.  As you can imagine it really wrecks the day.  However, Alex finished his last half day yesterday so no more running around like a headless chicken carting kids here, there and everywhere.

Yesterday I also received an ebay auction win... namely this:

This is actually the very first time I've ever been up close and personal with a jelly roll before.  I'm not a quilter, as much as I love them, but I've found a BOM which has captured me and so I'm going to give it a try.  Its here, Little Miss Shabby - Adventures in Quilting and wow the whole website is bursting with gorgeous colours, stunning quilts and pretty cushion - it makes me want to try them all!!!!  The quilt I'm going to try my hand at though is Birdie Stitches, the little birdies just look adorable.  I've decided to use Lila Tuellers Eden by Moda (as you can see) and so have been wondering what to use as the backing.  At first I was going to use the Dahlias, then I thought about using Paradise but since having got the jelly roll, I'm absolutely loving the dots.  If only there was some way of making a removable backing then I'd make a backing in all the different varieties LOL.  I'm so looking forward to spending a little time each day embroidering my Birdie Stitches quilt.

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