Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As the old saying goes...

the less you do, the less you want to do.  That has very much been the case here lately!  I wish I was a bear that could curl up somewhere and sleep away the winter.  Each winter seems to get harder and harder, is it getting colder or am I just feeling the cold more?  I just don't do cold, I don't do dark mornings and did I mention that I don't do cold?

So yes the less you do the less you want to do.  However I'm trying really hard to get a little motivation happening.  Its so hard though, now that I'm in this rut I don't want to leave, its comfortable, its safe.  But life wasn't meant to be lived in a rut.

One good thing to happen over the winter: we have had an area in our roof space fitted out as an attic so now some of the junk that was in the front room aka my sewing room is now stored up in the roof.  So as part of Crafty Mamas Sew UP Wednesday I'm doing a bit of a Clean UP Wednesday, I'm going to give the sewing area a right old sort out, anything that is not being used like winter fleeces can be put into the roof space, the mountain of papers that seem to have accumulated in there can be gone through, my Ottos need to be put back where they belong... well you get the idea.

I'm so hoping that the old saying works in reverse and that the more you do the more you want to do will soon be my new motto.


Anonymous said...

Good on you for having a clean out. I have a sewing corner in our bedroom - which is a disaster cause I started sorting stuff out and then had 2 little helpers and a baby to sort out! So it's still a mess. Pre-school day today for the 2 little helpers... so maybe I'll get some uninterrupted time in there today!

Sally said...

Oh it so lovely to have you back!
I'm with you ... I don't do dark mornings and cold either. Brrrr. Yuck.
Isn't the weather just fabulous lately? I am so in love with spring.

Good luck with the sewing room clean out... and I look forward to seeing some of your wonderful creations soon.