Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A few things that I've learnt lately...

I'm currently working on this outfit for madam from Ottobre magazine 3/2008 and in doing so I've learnt a few valuable lesson. Actually I'll amend that, I've had a few lessons re-enforced that I should already know.

1. When it comes to doing rolled hems especially around curves, slow and steady really does win the race!!!

2. Pinning before sewing is not necessarily the slower way to do things, particularly when you have to unpick twice before thinking "gee maybe I'll pin this and then sew".

3. When it comes to doing gathers, two rows of stitching is definitely better than one.

4. If your topstitching looks fantastic on the front... something must be wrong at the back (in this case the lining was caught up and wonky).

5. That a little extra time and effort really does produce great results.

I'm really happy with how this is coming together so far despite some of the moments I've had with it. I cant wait to show it off.

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